Small Church Bookkeeping Recommendations

April 7, 2021

The purpose of this article is to help small local churches to build up a more efficient and effective back office regarding their bookkeeping and donor management. This primarily includes the software that I use and recommend for all churches I work with and advise.

Currently, the most cost effective and efficient bookkeeping solutions is the use of the following two software applications:
1. Quickbooks Online Plus
2. Planning Center – Giving

Here is why, when processing the future of our country in the United States and the need to be able to quickly adapt to sudden changes in lifestyle, the systems you use need to move with you. This means a move away from reliance on hardware and more on the internet and access to it to manage your church. The combination of these two are a part of that solution. 

QuickBooks online, has a strong online program that enables a whole new level of transparency and accountability to your church’s books, not only allowing work to be done remotely, but also enabling board, elders, or oversight committees, access to financials (without having access to make changes). Why is this important, when you have a small church, segregation of duties is hard to establish unless you have solid set of rotating volunteers. Which means very few people have a lot of control over the cash and where is goes. Increasing ability for oversight can assist in mitigating (not solving) this issue. 

The last thing we need is someone in a trusted position to have complete access and have the opportunity to steal and commit fraud, remember trust is not an internal control, set boundaries so that everyone is protected.

Planning Center Giving, is part of much wider range of services (Planning Center Website they provide, their giving app happens to be one of the best programs out there for a local church. Here are a few points:

(1) Its rates are at 2.4% versus the industry average range between 2.7% and 2.9%, (Stripe is the transaction processor). (Motley Fool:
(2) It has the capacity as a Mobile App, receive Text to Give Transactions, and can process recurring donations.
(3) The programs price, while is starts low, scales with you based on volume of transactions monthly. Starting at $39/month.

I could say more, but I want the software to speak for itself, Harbor Business Solutions wants to be a part of your solution to a more agile Church.

Get Quickbooks Online at wholesale prices 832-304-4884 or email at

To disclose, neither of these companies paid me to write this, this is out of my experience and is my opinion.

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Small Church Bookkeeping Recommendations

The purpose of this article is to help small local churches to build up a more efficient and effective back office regarding their bookkeeping and donor management.


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